Thursday, May 7, 2009


Some people think the name of this blog is stupid. But I don't. So I stuck with it.
I chose "Cold Coffee" because often times, when I'm trying work work, news happens. There's a flurry of activity of an exciting - or sometimes painful - news day. And at the end, I realize I haven't had time to hardly touch my coffee. I reach for the mug, put it to my lips and realize how frigid it has become.
It's cold coffee left for me as I reflect on the news day.
So there's your title explanation.
The URL explanation: "coldcoffee" - catchy, I think, so do others - was already taken. So I needed something kitschy instead. Enter mugsofvalor.
No the reason to start the blog. It's something I've always wanted to do and feeling overwhelmed I needed a release - Yahoo games are getting old. I feel this could be a more productive way of procrastinating work than word games. I'll let that sink in a moment...
Also, I was so inspired by a photo Mike Ekey posted - Wednesday Weekly - I decided to base many of the posts on Shoe comic strips.
OK, back to work and my coffee - before it gets cold.

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